Don’t touch!

Google ATAP (Advanced Technology And Projects) has been working on something called Project Soli – which uses miniature radar to pick up and track minute gestures that can be used to control devices without touching them. (nice video on the Project Soli link above)

It’s pretty amazing stuff – and definitely starts to feel like something from a movie. (I’ll try and resist the temptation to evoke ‘minority report’ (damn))

What are the applications?

“The Soli chip can be embedded in wearables, phones, computers, cars and IoT devices in our environment.

Soli has no moving parts, it fits onto a chip and consumes little energy. It is not affected by light conditions and it works through most materials. Just imagine the possibilities…”

This quote from their website makes me smile though… “Feedback is generated by the haptic sensation of fingers touching each other.”  That’s straight from the book of Jonny Ive spoofs!

Dev kits already available.  Here’s the Alpha demo…

Insider Magazine have posted this quick overview video – including some more mockups using a wearable…





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