Happy 2117

This got lost in the new year splurge so am reblogging it…

Futurology Now

We really seem to be at a turning point in human history, where another revolution, like the industrial revolution was to our forefathers, will change almost every aspect of our lives… so – what will the world look like in 100 years, or sooner?

This is happening now because of the convergence of a number of different technologies, all that will become viable in the next 10-40 years.  This short article will highlight ones that I believe will cause the biggest changes.  It’s a bit of a brain dump, but I hope you find it interesting…

  1. Quantum computing.
    > This one is more of an enabler of the others, but I wanted to list it here anyway, as it will be responsible for the step change that is required to make the other points viable.  Quantum computers are coming – sooner than you might expect (10 years ish) – and are…

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