I was aware of the concept of augmented humans. It’s been discussed by many including Elon Musk with his ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ Neural Lace, and Yuval Harrari in Homo Deus, where he eloquently argues that we will effectively evolve into something beyond our current status.

However, I only just came across this concept as a political movement. – and it’s other affiliated and non- affiliated projects around the world really have already begun taking these philosophical concepts into the tangible.

I did a bit of reading, on the link above you can find a well thought out set of guiding principles. What I realised though, is even though there is a shared understanding that the goal is long life and a blend of human and technology, how that is implemented has as many options as any other political spectrum.

Therefore, to wrap it all under a single banner of politics, or to put it another way, for one particular set of political beliefs to own the concept of transhumanism, is to over simplify.

Not that I disagree, or not, with their philosophy, but if one day we’re mostly trans human – then we still need to have options in politics. As a lobbyist concept it’s good, but is it a political party?

or, is this the beginning of a brave new world?


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